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Playing EVERY Game From 2020

This isn’t clickbait. It would be easy to assume such, as it’s almost impossible for somebody to play every game that comes out in a single year, but I am determined to do my best to accomplish the feat. Not only that, but it will also be followed by 2021, 2022, and all the years after assuming that earth and myself both still exist.

Let me be clear here – it won’t be EVERY game that came out, as we’d be talking about like 500 of them, with well over half being shovelware. But it’ll every game that came out that is halfway decent or that I think I might enjoy. I’ll even take requests. But it will be a thorough and realistic. I actually started this prior to starting my streaming journey, so I plan on doing a mix of videos and live streams to piece it all together. This will probably require me loading up a bunch of stuff I completed just to make the series feel whole, but what better way to replay games I enjoyed? Sounds like a win/win to me.

Now, how exactly am I going to do this? Well, I have set some rules for myself and the series that I plan on following. They’ll be listed below for full transparency.

  1. No remakes or remasters. This is the easiest one, even if it isn’t always entirely fair. Remasters are an easy no, but remakes can be complicated. For example, the Resident Evil 2 Remake is unbelievable. However, I think nostalgia plays too big of a role when it comes to properly evaluating old games. Therefore, it seems most fair to rule them all out. I’ll re-evaluate this one if a remake is drastically different from the original.

  2. This one isn’t set in stone, but considering I am a console gamer, I will not be including PC exclusives that launched prior to 2020. A lot of games come out on console after they release on PC. In these cases, I will normally pick the year it finally released on at least one console. However, any game that launched on PC prior to 2020, even if a console release was in 2020, will not count. I actually JUST got my first ever high-end computer, so maybe I’ll start including PC exclusives. I do understand that this one is a bit confusing, so I will be posting the list of these as I go.

  3. Note that I said “playing” and NOT “beating” every game. The point of the series is to find the best games of 2020, and if I try one and don’t think it has even the slightest chance of breaking into my favorites for the year – I’ll stop playing it. However, the goal is to stick with every game that is worth doing so. But something like Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead doesn’t deserve my time when I could be playing the likes of Risk of Rain 2 or Spiritfarer. Either way, the point is to play these with transparency so when I do decide a release isn’t going to cut it, I’ll give my reasons.

  4. Most important – This list will be as objective as possible. I’ve been reviewing games for a long time, and while it’s impractical to not have favorite series or genres, I do tend to play everything and give it a fair shot. There are very few games I quit on, and I tend to find the good even in bad. The only genre I do not play much of is RTS. It’ll be hard for those to find their way onto any list, but I will give them a fair shot all the same.

  5. Sports games are a massive asterisk. Unless it truly stands out over other years, I see no way they can make it. I love the NHL, and I love the NHL games – but personal opinion (or addiction to Ultimate Team modes) aside, it seems unlikely. Almost every major sports title is simply a roster upgrade with some minor graphical improvements. A lot of times, they change modes or outright remove them and are worse for it. I’ll have an open mind, but that’s about it.

I obviously cannot afford all of these games, so I’ll be buying those I feel are worth it while also using Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and GameFly. I am going to put out the list of games I do not own and are not on the services, and if you feel like donating for a specific one, that would be incredible! Not necessary at all but will help immensely as this could get real expensive, real fast.

Hopefully this all makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If you think I excluded a game that should be included, I’m open to the conversation. Like I said, I’ll be posting the list for each month, and that way it’ll be easy to see if I missed anything.

This will probably evolve a lot as time goes by and may look completely different as I go. Here’s hoping it ends up being as fun as I think it will!

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