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Hi! I’m Anxsighety.

Hi! Welcome to! For quite some time I put a lot of energy into building a site called I had an idea of where I wanted to start and what I wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t pinpoint exactly how I wanted to reach those goals. I wanted to incorporate gaming content/reviews with streaming, and somehow form something cohesive that people wanted to visit.

Even though I accomplished some of these things individually, it was kind of a mess and I didn’t do a great job at focusing my energy into something I was proud of or happy with. I also handcuffed myself to gaming and didn’t leave myself any freedom. Well, that’s changing, and I have a much clearer goal in mind.

I dropped the “gaming”, and this is now just A place where I can bring any type of content I want, without boundaries or unreal expectations from others, or more importantly – myself. I want to write about games, movies, tv shows, books… all of it. I want to make video content and stop restricting myself to writing reviews. I want to share my opinions and have a place that I consider a reflection of myself. With that said, gaming will be the primary topic most of the time. The goal I mentioned above about creating content/streaming and making it cohesive is very important to me. I will figure it out as I go.

I’m not sure exactly what to say as far as what my content will be, or how I’ll release it. All I know at this moment is that I have a lot of ideas, and this website is at the forefront of that.

Thank you for reading if you took the time. “I’m not a failure, I’m just pre-successful.” That’s my current state of mind.

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