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A Fresh Start… Again

Hi! Welcome to! (I posted this earlier this year before I had anything ready to go, so I rewrote it and let’s try this again). Last year I put a lot of energy into building a site called I had an idea of where I wanted to start and what I wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t pinpoint exactly how I wanted to reach those goals. I wanted to incorporate gaming content/reviews with streaming, and somehow form something cohesive that people wanted to visit.

Even though I accomplished some of these things individually, it was kind of a mess and I didn’t do a great job at focusing my energy into something I was proud of or happy with. I also handcuffed myself to gaming and didn’t leave myself any freedom. Well, that’s changing, and I have a much clearer goal in mind.

I dropped the gaming and this is now just A place where I can bring any type of content I want, without boundaries or unreal expectations. I want to write about games, movies, tv shows, books… all of it. I want to make video content and stop restricting myself to writing reviews. I want to share my opinions, and have a place that I consider a reflection of myself.

That’s my plan for this site. It will still be mostly gaming focused, but I hope people will stick around to see what I come up with.

I have played most of 2020’s games, and I’m going to be actually posting the reviews I worked on for the rest of the year. You’ll get previews on Instagram, but full reviews will be posted to Youtube.

Thank you for visiting the site, and here’s to the future.

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